Game Overview


Civilinations is a massive multiplayer online open-world adventure, fantasy, rpg, survival game build from the ground up and developed by the GameNexx team.

Our first build nation is China starting in the period of the Terracotta Warriors. In the times when the 7 warring states battle to take control of the entire country. Gamers choose to become a Terracotta swordsman, bowsmen, or pikemen. As they enter into the world you need to learn to survive like in the real world. You will die if you grow hungry, you will die when you drown, you will die when you fall off the Great Wall, you will die in battles, you will die if it’s too cold and you have no clothes, you will die in any way just like the real world and you will reincarnate into your next life.

Everything you learn, all the skills you learn in your previous life is gone. You will need to restart all over again but you will still have your items and continue on the legacy left behind from your great grandpa (your past life). And you will learn the skills much faster in your next life. One must be wise in the world to survive. If you choose to battle you better upgrade your armors and weapons and your strengths, agility, endurance, and your maximum power or else you will die and reincarnate again and again and again and start all over again.

You will also age and die of old age and when you die of old age you will reincarnate to your next life. You will start all over and you get to choose your next life as any Terracotta Warrior and choose any family you like.

We have many battle systems in place both defend and attack. At the Great Wall, at each Forbidden Palace, castles of generals, barbarian camps, and many more. Each terracotta warrior have a different role and objective in battles. Sometimes you can’t just keep killing, you need to complete your objectives to win a battle and get nice gears and items when you win.

There will be many quests and each quests leads to different opportunity for an unexpected adventure. You can do anything you want in this game. Live the life you want in this game and explore the world in ancient times.

We are creating a huge massive world that like our real world. We will have other nations such as Mongols Ghenghis Khan, Korea, Japan, Russia, Babylon, Rome, Vikings, and many more. Lots of secret places, lots of things to do, you live in ancient times and explore the world full of secrets.


In the game you will die in any way like the real world if you don’t take care of yourself. You will also die of old age. When you die you reincarnate and go on to your next life. Everything you learn all your skills you will need to start all over in your next life but you will be able to learn it faster. And the items you have will be still with you as items will be passed on to you from your grandpa(previous life).


Everyone will have a house, mansion, or castle. There will be 3 different types of land, small, medium, and large. Small land for a small 2000 x 2000 squared land. Medium land for medium mansion 5000 x 5000 squared. And for a large land you can almost build a castle or palace at 20,000 x 20,000 squared. You must purchase land and a land deed if you want to build a house and land will have property tax per year.


You can create a guild or join a guild like any other games. Guilds will have the opportunity to choose a territory to build their Palace. The Palace is as big as where the Emperor’s lived. Guild leaders have the opportunity to be and emperor of the guild and live an emperor lifestyle with their guild. Guild members will need to work together to build special buildings for the guild.


There are many battles in place. You can choose to defend and attack. Different class have different roles in battle.

The Great Wall

You can defend against the Mongol Hordes as bowsmen, pikemen and a swordsmen. Each of you have a different role in defending the Great Wall. Bowsmen will shoot mostly from the towers and pikemen and swordsmen can throw rocks at those climbing up the wall or go out and kill them. There will be objective for each that must be met in order to win.